Abbaye Cistercienne Sainte Marie
32450 Boulaur



Adresse : Office de Tourisme Coteaux Arrats Gimone

Tél. : +33 (0)5 62 67 77 87

As part of the European Heritage Days, find a concert of the Ensemble Volubilis de Pibrac at Boulaur Abbey on Sunday 22nd September at 4 pm.


Chorus: Volubilis

Direction: Pierre Vié

Positive organ: Saori Sato


On the program: Palestrina, Monteverdi, Marenzio, Scarlatti, Vivaldi.


Free participation fees.



Volubilis presents: "Missa Policroma"


Faced with the fragility of human lives and the whim of the seasons, sacred music offers a refuge and allows everyone, listener or singer, to stay away from the deafening sounds of the world.


In the shadow of Palestrina, the founding father of Western liturgical music, this program invites you to follow the ordinary of a Roman Mass in an improbable "polychrome" musical construction where different prayers are borrowed from the Italian repertoire of the Renaissance to These days.


Escape from our modernity and imagine our immortality!


The choir VOLUBILIS consists of about twenty amateur choristers, lovers of sacred and secular music.

His repertoire consists mainly of polyphonic a capella pieces from the Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary periods. The ensemble is supported by the city of Pibrac and directed by Pierre Vié, conductor and professional singer.


For more information .... www.facebook.com/volubilis.avp/


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