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Tribute to Robert Wyatt: poetic-musical creation of Eic Lareine and Pascal Maupeu. :


"Since he has gained momentum from the top of a fourth floor, he has no choice, Robert, he plays the piano sitting.

But in his piano, in his voice, his inspiration, all the colors of all the balloons of this last party in Canterbury subsist.


Nonsense, rage and fragility, generosity, loneliness and complicity, madness, melancholy, stripping.


Acquired by Pascal Maupeu's guitar, Eric Lareine will reproduce, in French in the text, the whole palette of Robert Wyatt. "


(Eric Lareine)


Robert Wyatt


In this poetic-musical creation, the singer Éric Lareine and the guitarist Pascal Maupeu pay tribute (in French) to the great British musician Robert Wyatt, founder of the famous Jazz-fusion group "Soft Machine",


Robert Wyatt, born in 1945, is the man of many lives. From 1968 to 1971, he was the flamboyant drummer of Soft Machine, torn between his love of jazz and the violence of rock. Already he was trying to sing, tenor voice sharp and fragile, absurd texts. Then, between a chronic depression and an alcoholism more and more destructive, it could have disappeared like Brian Jones, Jimy Hendrix ... But an accident, a fall of the fourth floor in 1973 nails him on a wheelchair and compels him to reinvent himself. What he does in a sublime way with the album Rock Bottom, born on a hospital bed and who made it known to the world. "(France Culture, February 24, 2016).

This creation by Eric Lareine and Pascal Maupeu is based on a French translation of poems by Robert Wyatt and Alfreda Benge, by Jean-Michel Marchetti, published in 2009 by Æncrages & Co.


Eric Lareine and Pascal Maupeu


Éric Lareine is a singer-songwriter, actor and entertainer. Born near Charleville in 1954, he has been living in Toulouse for thirty years. Former carpenter, then painter in letters, he began his artistic career in 1981.

Since then, the artistic path has been impressive: 7 albums of songs, many theatrical and musical creations for the stage.

In 2015, he created "Ellis Island, musical readings" on the theme of immigration in America, with his partner Pascal Maupeu (electric guitar). Lareine, himself a grandson of an Italian immigrant, is inspired by the stories of Ellis Island, stories of wandering and hope of Georges Perec and Robert Bober.

His latest album, Méloditions (2017), explores the relationship between composers and poets. Linked by a great complicity, Éric Lareine and Denis Badault, unclassifiable jazz pianist, offer free interpretations of some "pearls" of this kind called "the French melody": Les Cradles de Fauré-Sully Prudhomme, Hotel Poulenc-Apollinaire, The butterfly and the flower of Fauré-Hugo for Yvonne Printemps, Marquise de Corneille-Brassens, etc.


Editions Æncrages & Co, publisher of the French translation of Robert Wyatt's song-poems, located in Baume-les-Dames (Doubs), are celebrating their fortieth anniversary this year. This creation is an opportunity to mark this moment with the creator of the editions, the writer Roland Chopard.