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Love Bal

Du 08/02/2020 au 08/02/2020

Adresse : Les Ptits Balauchs

Tél. : +33 (0)6 48 82 21 95


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Tarif : Adulte : de 10.00 € à 14.00 €

Tarif minimum : 10.00

Tarif maximum : 14.00

5th edition of LOVE BAL ... to your hearts, ready ... go!


Great evening with 3 balls and 4 trad and neo / trad music groups.


The Ball of the Ephemeral

Cathy Donin: accordion and song

Gérard Thévenet: guitar and song

Raphaëlle Yaffee: violin and song


The "Bal de l'Ephémère" was born from the common desire to offer a repertoire to dance "trad" on original compositions and texts.


So, the "Ball of the Ephemeral", is it Trad? neo-trad? French song? world music? It's all of that, with the influences of each of the musicians and the particular care taken in the composition, arrangements and writing of the texts. At the ball of the ephemeral, we dance Mazurka, Circles, Scottish, Chapelloises, Waltzes ... An ideal introduction to a very Love ball!


Ciac Boom

Julien Padovani: Chromatic accordion, kick, Vocals

Christian Pacher: Violin, Diatonic accordion, Vocals

Robert Thébaut: Violin, Guitar, Vocals


Ciac Boum invites us to a Country Ball made of mainly Poitevin music (Center-West France) and compositions.

These three trad drivers send rounds, avant-deux, no summer, waltzes, market gardeners and other limousine balls ... as if their lives depended on it! … While respecting the spirit of dance they wear at their fingertips. And if sometimes a breeze of freshness and joyful freedom flies over the parquet floor, it is because the old melodies give off their scent of eternal youth.

Ciac Boum has a solid reputation with dancers in France and in Europe, as his singular music exudes cheerfulness, energy and celebration.

So, dancers, come and party, the Love Bal is yours!


The artistic boots

Guus Herremans: two-tone chromatic accordion

Pavel Souvandjiev: violin


The duo “Les Bottines Artistiques” comes from Belgium. With both classic and traditional training, our happy troubadours combine French and Italian technique (Guus) with Bulgarian influences (Pavel) to give us to hear beautiful and surprising dancing melodies that will wonderfully and magically suit our end. Love Bal! Let's put our feet in these artistic boots until the end of the night!


And in inter-sets, our friends from "Youk Trio" (Claire, Enzo and Pierre) will enhance our moments of waiting and restoration with their delicious and velvety music. Youk Trio is a revelation of intense sensations, coated with a voluptuous texture. A clarinet for the sweet; a second for the crunchy, and two guitars for the fondant. Accumulator of vital energy, a simple drop of Youk Trio, and presto! here we go again for a dance tour!


3 COURSES: (Marsan blue room)


Stage 1, from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., led by Baptiste Delaunay (the trad box):


"Danses du Poitou": marchoise, market gardener, limousine ball, barbâtre round, avant-deux with 4 figures, dances proposed by Ciac Boum in the evening!


Stage 2, from 5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m., led by Baptiste Delaunay (the trad box):


"Music as a 3rd partner": Understanding and recognizing the richness of music to dance, since it is much more than a tempo or a time frame… Having fun integrating the proposals of the musicians (structures , arrangements, rhythms, melodies) so that the music is as present as our human partner.


Stage 3, from 10 a.m. to noon, led by the Artistic Boots:


"Ensemble Music": accordion and violin; details to come


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