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Adresse : Association Gersoise pour le promotion du Foie Gras
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In the Gers, heart of Gascony and the Southwest, "Goose is not a game." With its congener duck, it is part of the Gers countryside. Its establishment dates back to ancient times, and Romans already knew about the foie gras ... Proof that this product, festive par excellence, finds its place on our tables in all circumstances and for a long time.

Come discover these noble products that are fatty livers of geese and ducks, accompanied by delicious carcasses that will candied friendly, duck breast, Lashes, gizzards etc ... This is a typical gourmet holiday in the countryside.


The foie gras markets of Gers take place throughout the year and are organized on the principle of a direct sale from producer to consumer. Here, the products are guaranteed by a control box by the veterinary services. Production quality, traditional livestock on small volume, freshness and hygiene are the strengths of these different markets.

The market called "carcasses" offers products from geese and whole ducks for you to make confit, duck breast and knots. The market called "the fat", offers to him when a sale of whole foie gras geese and ducks. Cooks will love since cutting is offered on their site in order to facilitate transportation and preparation of these delicious foods.


A Gimont:

- From the first Wednesday of October to the last Wednesday of April:

10 am : carcass and foie gras market


The market on Wednesday, December 25 will be shifted to Tuesday, December 24 and January 1 market will be shifted to Tuesday, December 31.